The Calgary Airport Authority (CAA) embarked on its largest expansion with a six-year Airport Development Program involving the construction of a new international terminal, a runway, and associated taxiway systems valued at more than $2 billion. An integral part of the expansion included the addition of a Glycol Recovery and Recycling Facility to meet increased capacity requirements for glycol treatment and retention.

Following extensive consultation and planning with the CAA and airline stakeholders, the Calgary Glycol Facilities Corporation (CGFC) agreed to construct and operate the first airline-owned glycol facility in Canada. The $18 million facility has 10 storage tanks ranging from 80,000L up to 500,000L to assist in various stages of the ethylene glycol recycling process.

Type I aircraft de-icing fluid is produced at the facility. The facility includes two instant de-icing blenders that allow for customized concentrations of Type I glycol to be selected by de-ice spray providers. Type I production and recycling recovered fluids at the CGFC facility replaces more than ninety 20,000L tanker deliveries annually.

The treatment of recovered sprayed glycol is handled by two Storm Water Treatment Facilities that break down glycol by means of forced aeration through seven positive displacement blowers, two aerated gravel beds and three lift station pumps.