The Winnipeg Airports Authority (WAA) constructed a new terminal building with 12 refuelling gates adjacent to the existing terminal, allowing for current and future expansion at the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport. The greenfield site allowed for the opportunity to construct a $5 million underground hydrant fuelling system. The airport is the eighth Canadian airport to benefit from the installation of an in-ground hydrant system.

Upgrades to cathodic protection were made for all systems in addition to the installation of new slop and settlement tanks, a new pump, upgraded pump impellers, and a new test rack for hydrant carts. The tank suction header, fire valves and motor operated valves were also upgraded. System flushing of 300,000L of Jet-A was conducted using mobile tankers. Testing and final commissioning was completed after construction.

FSM Group became involved with the WAA very early in the planning process to introduce the concept of in-ground fuel systems and the benefit it serves the terminal and operating areas. FSM Group coordinated the installation of the new system with the WAA’s civil contractors to provide a cost-effective solution.