Environmental Management

End to end environmental management services to provide our clients with peace of mind, covering everything from the monitoring of fundamental controls in daily operations to boardroom metrics and third party regulatory reporting.

We have developed extensive knowledge from bottom to top of what organisations operating in the aviation industry must do to control their environmental risks. Our highly skilled team of environmental professionals develop and manage a range of environmental programs in several key areas to ensure long-term regulatory compliance, organisational due diligence and prudent risk management.

System integrity monitoring including leak detection, tank inspection, cathodic protection, pipeline integrity and other diagnostic services.

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Governance and oversight:

Environmental Management System (EMS) development, deployment and maintenance within the ISO 14001 framework
Management system and regulatory auditing
Development and implementation of operating standards
Reporting and metrics management to improve environmental performance

Regulatory compliance, monitoring and continuous improvement:

Site monitoring of stormwater, wastewater, air emissions, and hazardous waste management
System integrity monitoring of leak detection, tank inspection,cathodic protection, pipeline integrity and other diagnostic services
Internal legal reviews to ensure compliance in changing regulatory environments
Permit development and compliance management
Management of Environmental Impact Assessments for capital projects
Process and industrial risk review including management of change programs
Emergency preparedness assessment and improvement
Identification of sustainability requirements for capital project design and procurement

Site management:

Site Decommissioning, Remediation and Monitoring
Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)
Risk Assessments
Hydrogeological Studies
Emergency Response
HAZMAT Surveys, Management and Disposal