Tailored Solutions
for Airports.

FSM is a multidisciplinary professional services firm providing business administration, project and infrastructure management services in the global aviation fuel and aircraft de-icing sector.

Our specialized team assists more than 50 global passenger and cargo commercial airlines with first class stewardship and development of their strategic airport assets throughout North America.

Delivering Complex Airport Infrastructure Projects

FSM works diligently on behalf of global airlines in developing, constructing and operating strategic airport infrastructure required to ensure the safe and secure supply of jet fuel and de-icing services to international airport hubs.

Tackling Tough Business, Finance and Operational Challenges

A core service to our global airline partners is the overall management and administration of aviation fuel and aircraft de-icing consortiums. We are trusted advisors and administrators of these complex organizations that require a wide range of specialized services.

We bring a unique level of expertise along with a fresh perspective to every project.

Project Management

We provide construction and project management services at airports throughout North America. Our team brings a unique level of expertise in aviation fuel and de-icing systems.

Airport Planning

FSM Group provides aviation fuel and de-icing system planning and development solutions for airport expansion projects worldwide.

Administration and Finance

We support our airline partners with aviation fuel and de-icing consortium management services from day to day accounting and treasury management to strategic secured financing solutions.

Environmental Management

FSM Group provides end to end environmental management services, covering everything from monitoring of fundamental controls in daily operations up to boardroom metrics and reporting.

Maintenance and Operations

Our multidisciplinary technical teams provide stewardship and oversight of fuel and de-icing systems maintenance and operations programs across Canada.

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