Canadian Consortiums

About the Consortiums

Dating back to the 1980s, domestic Canadian and international commercial airlines have invested in key aviation fuel infrastructure in order to ensure a secure, safe, reliable and economic supply of aviation fuel at major international airports in Canada. Airlines have made these investments through their participation in not-for-profit fuel consortium corporations, where 100% of the costs incurred by the consortium corporations are passed on to member airlines through a well documented and structured corporate governance system. At most major airports in North America, and now at several secondary airports, the airline consortium model has served both commercial airlines and airports well by ensuring that state of the art systems are constructed to meet growing passenger traffic.

Leaping from the success of aviation fuel consortiums, airlines in Canada have applied the not-for-profit consortium model to aircraft de-icing infrastructure and operations, including recycling and recovery, in Calgary, Ottawa, Halifax and Kelowna.

FSM currently provides business administration, project and construction management services at all active consortium locations in Canada.

Benefits of Consortiums

Aviation Fuel and De-Icing consortiums provide global airlines with transparent cost visibility, direct involvement with infrastructure development, and the ability to select professional operators. Furthermore, these consortiums are uniquely positioned to obtain very competitive, low cost long term financing in order to keep systems up to date and efficient.

Airlines cover their participation costs in the consortium through cost sharing formulas primarily based on direct use of the systems.  As these aviation fuel and de-icing systems are designed and built as “common use” facilities, open to all commercial airlines, the costs remain low and “flex” with seasonal demand.

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FSM can assist with determining new consortium member benefits by providing detailed cost analysis and return on investment calculations.

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