The Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA) embarked on a $400 million multi-year Airport Improvement Program (AIP) to keep pace with growing demand at Halifax Stanfield International Airport (YHZ). Growth in passenger traffic required an expansion of the terminal building, which involved a northward extension and a pier expansion towards the south airside in the vicinity of gates 14 and 15.

The aircraft fuelling system consists of a single delivery line originating at the tank farm located on the south side of the airport and terminating at gate 28. The expanded building footprint conflicted with existing underground hydrant piping and lateral piping feeding hydrant pits for gates 15, 16, 18 and 20.

Specific to the fuelling system, it was necessary to relocate approximately 135 metres of underground piping to clear the new building perimeter. New high point vents and low point drains were required similar to the current arrangement at gate 12. Approximately 110 metres of existing hydrant pipeline was excavated and removed. An analysis of the existing cathodic protection system was conducted to ensure the piping system maintains adequate protection.

Scope of Services

FSM Management Group Inc. (FSM Group) was involved early in the planning process to provide guidance on how the $2.7 million expansion would affect existing fuel system infrastructure, as well as to provide preliminary design and scheduling of the new fuel system.