The Calgary International Airport undertook a 10-year Cargo and Logistics Strategic Development Plan to improve efficiency of cargo. More than 75 per cent of all Alberta air cargo shipments are transported through the Calgary International Airport. The $7.6 million project involved the greenfield development of a new intermodal cargo facility to meet capacity and infrastructure requirements. Construction of the new facility included an initial phase of four widebody aircraft positions to accommodate code ‘F’ aircraft on the new dedicated cargo apron.

The project included 670 metres of directionally drilled pipeline along with hydrant fuelling capability at eight aircraft positions. The pipeline was designed with extra wall thickness and special coatings and was installed over 25 metres below grade with all runways and taxiways remaining in operation. The facility is serviced by a wireless emergency shut off system approved by Nav-Canada; the first such system in operation at an airport in Canada. The two-year installation was completed in three phases. Testing and final commissioning were conducted after construction.