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Apron Fuel Services

Montréal, Québec
455 Fenelon Boulevard
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Dorval, QC
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C.D. Hallock LLC

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Project Management

FSM Group provides construction and project management services at airports throughout North America. Our team brings a unique level of expertise along with a fresh perspective to every project allowing us to produce innovative methods that deliver the best solutions. We are proficient in methodologies and systems that ensure projects

Airport Planning

FSM Group provides airport planning and development solutions for airport infrastructure projects worldwide. Our senior executives and professional staff have extensive experience spanning the full scope of aviation industry services. Our specialty lies in developing business models and technical requirements for jet fuel and ground fuel infrastructure. Services we provide

Engineering Management

For more than a decade, FSM Group has managed the design and construction of jet fuel offloading, storage and distribution systems at international airports in North America. Our team of multi-disciplinary professionals provide a wide range of engineering management services for airport fuel facilities, from small-scale facility upgrades and expansions

Environmental Management

The environmental department at FSM Group is comprised of experienced engineers and highly trained environmental personnel that are responsible for conducting and maintaining an array of testing, monitoring and performance programs at fuel facilities at airports in North America. On behalf of our airline clients, FSM Group ensures that existing

Structured Financing

FSM Group provides structured financing solutions for small, medium and large infrastructure projects at airports in North America. We currently manage the ongoing short-term debt requirements for fuel facilities at several airports, and have managed the issuance of long-term bonds for project financing in excess of $500 million for international

Aviation Fuel Services

Apron Fuel Services (AFS), an affiliate of FSM Group, is an established service partner in the aviation fuel marketplace. Through our extensive network of fuel service providers, we ensure the cost-effective, timely delivery of our client’s into-wing and bulk fuel requirements. AFS is a keen business development partner for our

Commercial Fuel Services

Apron Fuel Services (AFS), an affiliate of FSM Group, is a leading gas and diesel fuel provider for many of North America’s largest transportation and courier companies. By leveraging our strategic fuel supply and transportation network, we ensure the efficient cost-effective delivery of your commercial fuel requirements. In addition to

Fuel Management

Apron Fuel Services (AFS), an affiliate of FSM Group, is a trusted service partner in the aviation and ground fuel marketplace. Our innovative AFS Fuel Management System, with its positive vehicle ID technology and user-friendly web interface, allows our clients to manage the amount of fuel dispensed into multiple pieces